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5 Star Award From AUTOCAR

Autocar CoverWe were approached to carry out work on behalf of Victoria, feature journalist for leading motor magazine Autocar.

Victoria had inadvertently damaged an alloy wheel of a car that she was given to test and review.

AlloyTec UK Ltd undertook the work at Autocar’s HQ in Teddington.

We knew that on the day, Victoria was impressed with the level of work and quality of service, but we weren’t expecting the 5 star review in the subsequent edition of the magazine.

Customer Testimonials

Ms Frazer, SE London

“I needed repairs to the alloys of my VW Golf which we were about to sell and although the car was in good condition, the alloys were kerbed and a bit corroded in parts and I did not want a big reduction in its value from the dealership we were selling it to.

So I contacted AlloyTec UK to carryout repairs to the alloy wheels. Their representative arrived on time and carried out a first rate job so much so, that the wheels looked brand new!

Suffice to say I sold my car and got a much better price than otherwise would have been the case without the repairs. I recommend them without hesitation.”

Mr John, Kent

“We contacted AlloyTec UK to carryout repairs to the bumper and all four alloys which had scratches and scrapes as we really could not justify the high price quoted by our dealership for the same repairs.

They came to our doorstep on time and were friendly and professional in their approach and I was particularly impressed by how thorough they were in carrying out the repairs to the alloys which looked brand new when they were finished.

The bumper looked like it had just come out of a body-shop and all completed at our front door! I have told all of our friends about them as we very impressed with the quality of their work”

Ms Taylor, SE London

I have seldom, if ever, had such good service from anyone who has done work for me. I had an immediate response when I made my first enquiry, a date and time were set for an initial inspection of the work to be done, which was strictly adhered to. In spite of giving me a very vague price on the unseen damage, in other words, on my description, this price was also strictly adhered to.

On the day the work was to be done, Tony came very promptly and got to work straight away. He was helpful and diligent in his concern not to disrupt the common parts of the block of flats, ensuring no wires were lying around. On my various visits to him, he was taking exceptionally good care of my car and the end result was quite amazing. Thank you Tony, I will certainly spread your name around and recommend you to anyone who is in the same predicament as I was.

They came to our doorstep on time and were friendly and professional in their approach