About Us & FAQ

About Us

AlloyTec UK Ltd have been serving the public and trade for London and the South East of England since 1998.

We are approved repairers for many of the leading motor dealerships in the UK and are also approved repairers for two of Europe’s leading car rental companies.

We have featured in Top Gear and Autocar magazines who awarded our work a prestigious five stars.

AlloyTec UK Ltd is fully insured and offer a same day on-site service where all work is guaranteed for 12 months.

Our range of services cover private vehicle repairs through to corporate fleet repairs at a fraction of the cost of a typical body-shop.

We specialise in preparing cars for either re-sale, or lease return thereby helping to protect the re-sale value and reducing potential lease penalties.

We take pride in producing results to a high commercial standard using the latest available technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is same-day alloy wheel refinishing?

Same-day refinishing is a fast, low cost option when you have only cosmetic damage to the face of your wheels unlike full alloy wheel re-manufacturing, a process usually taking several days. Once you have made an appointment with one of our technicians, the repair itself will take between 1-3 hours for a single wheel and between 3-5 hours for a set of four.

Is it a proper repair?

Yes. The process is the same as if you had your car’s bodywork repaired at a body-shop. The wheel is taken off your car and the damaged paintwork is removed and repairs are carried out to the alloy if necessary.

The full face of the wheel is then primed, painted, lacquered and fully cured in the UV oven before the wheel is fitted back to the vehicle. The end result is the face of your alloys will have the appearance of a new wheel.

Are you fully insured?

Yes, AlloyTec UK Ltd have specialist insurance for moving vehicles, working on them and repairing wheels as well as public liability insurance.

Can you repair bent or cracked wheels?

No. We don’t’ recommend straightening or welding wheels. It is easy to cover over a crack by welding but the wheel will still have a weak area. It is always best to replace the wheel under those circumstances.

Can you match the paint colour?

Yes. We can match all colours to the manufacturers specification. Our technicians are also able to offer a range of custom colours and finishes if you require a unique look for your alloys.

Are the repairs guaranteed?

Yes, AlloyTec UK Ltd offers a 12-month guarantee.

Can you repair diamond cut/machine cut alloys?

It is not possible to restore these finishes to their original condition with same-day refinishing. Our technicians are able to repair damage to the wheels and give them an excellent painted finish that will allow you to still benefit from a same day service.

However, we can organise to conduct repairs on a collection delivery service which typically takes up to 5 days.

How much does it cost?

Indicative prices per wheel for the repairs are as follows:

  • Up to 19” - from £40 + VAT
  • 19” to 20” - from £55 + VAT
  • Over 21” - Contact us

Prices may vary depending on location and type of alloy wheel.

Some specialist finishes may incur an additional charge.

Our technicians will be happy to discuss pricing with you before you decide to proceed with the repairs.

How do I proceed?

Simply visit the AlloyTec UK Ltd home page or call the number list above and contact us now.

AlloyTec UK Ltd have specialist insurance for moving vehicles, working on them and repairing wheels as well as public liability insurance.